2002: Debbie and Kari began selling pesto in the Craft Building at the Blackfoot Farmers Market - Conrad was born!

2003: they moved up to the second row and introduced dips and stocks - Joey was born!!

2004: in July, the stock and sauce co opened as part of the Calgary Farmers Market at Currie Barracks featuring dips, pestos and stocks - Timothy was born!!!

2005: The line-up was expanded to include  soups, sauces and fresh pastas.

2006: We continued to create and Thomas was born!!!!

2009: We bought out the Catlings and Michaela was born! Busy year!

2010: The old market shut down to open it's doors in a new location! It was a bitter/sweet moment for us.

2011: March 29, when will you be open new market! We've heard mid April. Here's hoping!

2011: Apr 21 was the actual opening of the new market. An amazing turnout by all of Calgary, just ask the parking !

2011: June Ana was born. Yes we've been cooking up a storm.... She wins this years "best new product" in our opinion!!!any body know what number we're at?

2012: What an incredible year! who knew fresh soups would be so popular. We actually turned our frozen soup business into fresh; because they were going out the door so fast we didn't have any leftto freeze.

stock and sauce kitchen 080