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Recently there has been a lot of concern about Bisphenol A (BPA)

in food packaging.

All our containers are made with plastics that do NOT contain BPA -  #4 (polyethylene) and softer, opaque #5 (polypropylene).


We recommend that you reheat our soups, sauces and stocks (either from frozen or thawed) on the stove top.

DSC00982 stock and sauce kitchen 140 stock and sauce kitchen 195

You've been asking and we've been listening.

The stock and sauce co. now has product available at Blush Lane in Aspen Landing in   S W Calgary and in Blush Lane Edmonton.

We're also available at Amaranth Foods in N W Calgary and Tres Marias in Garrison Woods Calgary

Were greatful for your patronage. Due to an overwhelming response from people like yourselves, we now have all our products available fresh. We call this a win - win for you and us!!! (if any of you still like buying frozen don't worry we'll still keep some for you.)